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Lye and soap wood the Scandinavian way!
In the AGLAIA system the raw wood is first treated with a special lime-based lye. This leads to a lasting change in the wood, which largely prevents darkening or yellowing of the wood surface. Afterwards, regular treatment and care with AGLAIA wood soap begins. This natural treatment is particularly suitable for spruce and maple wood, as the attractive light colour tone is largely and permanently preserved. In addition, this method uses only a few and exclusively natural raw materials. The natural climate-regulating, optical and haptic properties of the woods are completely preserved. Thanks to these advantages, the method is widely used in public and private buildings, on furniture, interior fittings and parquet floors.


Regular care and cleaning with AGLAIA wood soap not only gives the wood the necessary protection against dirt and stains, but also protects it from drying out and gives the surfaces a noble, light appearance.

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