The BEECK inking units


A company introduces itself

In 1894, the company founder Ludwig Beeck began developing and manufacturing pure, silicification-active mineral paints based on water glass in Breslau. He succeeded in creating an inseparable bond between the paint and the microporous substrate with BEECK pure crystalline, a mineral paint system that is suitable for particularly valuable historical building materials indoors and outdoors. These original recipes are still in use today in the field of monument preservation and convince with their wide range of colours and enormous on


A new and cheaper type of product, synthetic resin dispersion paint, meant hard times for a consistent mineral paint manufacturer during the construction boom of the 1950s and 1960s. Mineral paints were almost forgotten and structural damage caused by the misuse of synthetic resins on porous mineral building materials increased.


Despite the discernible trend towards synthetic resin dispersion paints, BEECK's inking units remained true to the development and production of purely natural coating systems. On the basis of experience with purely mineral paints made of lime and water glass, investments were made in the development of paints based purely on plants. Since then, the AGLAIA Naturfarben brand, created in 1968, has rounded off the BEECK product portfolio.


The following owner, Gerhard Osterle, was also a specialist in the field of mineral and natural paints and devoted himself specifically to their further development. With the construction of the new production facility in 1972 on the Swabian Alb in Laichingen, he invested in modern machinery, his own development and application laboratory and outstanding specialists as the most important knowledge carriers.


The building tradition had changed in the past decades and with it the requirements for high quality and modern paints. Since the company was founded, we have worked consistently with natural raw materials such as beeswax, linseed oil, dammar and milk casein. To this day, BEECK offers an exquisite range of colours that meet the highest demands.


BEECK´sche Farbwerke - natural vegetable and mineral paints from a single source!

High-quality silicate systems for over 120 years

High-quality silicate systems for over 120 years


Quality in material, substrate and processing is the prerequisite for a coating to become what it should be - a success for craftsmen, builders and planners. BEECK offers its entire service for the success of the customer, from the competent underground evaluation and preparation of work recommendations up to detailed tender texts and calculations.


monument preservation

For more than 120 years, BEECK has stood for painter-friendly lime and water glass paints of the highest quality in the field of historical building fabric. Tried and tested on critical substrates in the preservation of historical monuments, where resin-bonded systems often fail.


economic efficiency

The lively impression, the play of colours and the light fastness of the purely mineral pigmentation enhance every building for many decades. This unsurpassed durability of BEECK mineral paints makes their application maintenance-friendly and thus economical.


building physics

The capillary-active coatings have an ideal open porosity and are therefore extremely valuable in terms of building physics. Thanks to silicification, they form an inseparable mineral unit with the plaster, do not have a tendency to flake off and do not form a steam-tight, tension-rich rind even when renovated. This open porosity also ensures a balanced, healthy indoor climate. The high alkalinity of the coatings has an anti-mildew and bactericidal effect. Free of solvents, plasticizers, biocides and preservatives, they meet the strictest requirements for indoor air hygiene.



The advantages of mineral coatings can be used not only on traditional building materials, but also on composite materials and lightweight construction elements. A wide range of primers also opens up weak silicification substrates.



From an aesthetic point of view, the matt coatings are unsurpassedly attractive, especially in a modern ambience. Traditional paints such as lime paints are particularly well suited to historically valuable murals such as air-lime plaster, clay and natural stone. In restoration and church painting, reversible paints and casein paints are also firmly anchored with their lively appearance and splendour of colour and lend every architectural monument a very special aura.



Pure mineral colours are mineral natural colours. Obtained from practically unlimited mineral raw materials, they are integrated into material cycles. Free of solvents, plasticizers and biocides, they enable a healthy living environment.

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