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Wood Preparation and Sealing

There are very many different types and uses of wood, and the requirements for the coatings, oils, waxes and glazes that protect them are just as varied. With a broad range of primers, AGLAIA ensures that their does not have to be any compromise and it ensures lasting preparation and treatment right from the outset.


AGLAIA Wood Primer as a universal primer for rough, absorbent wood in interiors. It ensures optimum, inseparable deep anchoring of the coating and is easy to use. 


AGLAIA Rapid Wood Primer W is a water-thinnable, rapidly drying, low-odour variant for decorative visible woods; the subsequent transparent sealing on furnitu- re is carried out using AGLAIA Hard Resin Oil. AGLAIA Pore Filler is suitable as an oil primer for subsequent further treatment with AGLAIA waxes on visible woods and floortiles

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