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KFW funding for buildings with the "Quality Seal Sustainable Buildings" (QNG)

What is QNG?
The QNG is an official, governmental seal of approval that takes a holistic view of a building and its environment as a system. Instead of only looking at energy consumption during use, the entire life cycle, including production and subsequent recycling of the materials used and effects on health, play a role here, among other things.


What are the requirements of the QNG?
The criteria in the QNG manual ensure that a residential building complies with requirements for climate protection, conservation of natural resources, health protection and the quality of the planning process. For example, space requirements, deconstruction and recycling options at the end of the building's useful life, but also acoustic and visual comfort, such as daylight, play a role. The criteria are governed by fact sheets. There are two levels: QNG-PLUS with somewhat lower requirements and QNG-PREMIUM.


To make our eligible products easily accessible to you, we have provided these products with our QNG ready label.


Source: Sentinell House Institute.

July 2023

AGLAIA Aquasol Stone Oil -

for absorbent, porous mineral substrates such as cement and
anhydrite screed, concrete, unglazed ceramic and cotto tiles.

Now available the new Aglaia Aquasol stone oil.


Solvent-free, recommended for building biology and room climate. Impact resistant and easy to maintain with a discreet silky matt, natural surface. Suitable for floors in residential and commercial areas such as corridors, offices, hobby and work rooms, restaurants, studios and foyers.


Order now at Beeckschen Farbwerke.


You can find the flyer under information or directly here.

August 2022

AGLAIA price adjustment as of 01.07.2021

The shortage is exacerbated by an economic upswing, especially in China, which means that the available raw materials no longer reach Europe at all, but are sold at higher prices in Asia. The supply situation is tense.

The situation is currently exacerbated by a global shortage of containers, which has led to a sharp rise in transport costs from Asia to Europe and put an additional brake on exporters. Due to the increased demand in Asia as well as equipment failures and limited availability, price increases of up to 100% have occurred.


Laichingen, 21 June 2021

Hanspeter Niggli in conversation with Roland Aull, ECDA

Farbkult: Large-format colour collection for building biology-oriented designers


In interview: Hanspeter Niggli, Managing Director and founding member of Thymos AG in Switzerland, which has been operating a wholesale business in natural paints, pigments and plasters since 1987. For some years now, Beek'sche Farbwerke, which was founded in 1894, has been part of Thymos AG, which is jointly managed by Hanspeter Niggli and Timo Ascherl. Niggli is a guest lecturer at various technical colleges on the subject of natural colors in architecture. He has various consulting mandates in other companies in the ecological building materials industry. His great passion is the preservation and restoration of historic buildings.

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December 2020

Beeck receives architecture prize for ecology

You can find the link to the jury's statement and assessment here.

an excerpt:

Natural emulsion paint Aglaia Premiumcolor offers a healthy indoor climate, made entirely from 100% naturally renewable raw materials, with a fantastically natural appearance: Beeck'sche Farbwerke offers a highly opaque wall and ceiling paint made from emulsified oils and nature-based pigments that enable a fascinatingly wide range of colors. The matte finish copes well with difficult lighting conditions and promises to age beautifully. Jury comment: "The paint feels good to the touch."

December 2020

AGLAIA Teak Oil -

for the care of exposed wood in outdoor areas

The new Aglaia Teak Oil is now available for all exterior exposed woods, as well as garden furniture, facades and terrace boards.

Refreshes, impregnates and has a water-repellent effect thanks to vegetable oils.

Order now at Beeckschen Farbwerke.

April 2020

AGLAIA Emulsion Paint -

Wellness for your walls

Modern, natural and highly covering wall paints based on emulsified oils and natural resins. For demanding painting work on all common indoor surfaces. Premium white, inner white and hardwearing white are easy to work with and enable efficient and streak-free working. These products are based on fifty years of experience in the development of natural paints at Aglaia. Excellent for use in living rooms, offices, schools and the like. They deliver the best results on wall and ceiling surfaces, even in difficult lighting conditions.


Products flyer for download 

September 2019

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