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Walls and Ceilings

AGLAIA‘s vapour permeable, natural coatings, brush-on, roll-on and fibre plasters create a comfortable room climate on all kinds of wall building materials – whether lime or gypsum plaster, lightweight building boards or clay or loam


AGLAIA Premium White stands out due to its excellent covering and wet-cleaning properties, making it suitable for hard-wearing walls in schools and public buildings. Full-tone wall paints and tints can be applied with AGLAIA PremiumColor.

AGLAIA casein brush-on plaster impresses with its open pores and discreetly matt, noble surface and is excellently suited for the AGLAIA wall glazing technique with AGLAIA Glaze Binder and AGLAIA pigment paints. AGLAIA Primer is available for priming on absorbent substrates such as gypsum and clay.

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