AGLAIA is a protected trademark of BEECK`schen Farbwerke, Louis Gnatz GmbH. The name AGLAIA comes from Greek. The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite had a muse called AGLAIA. AGLAIA can be translated as “brilliance“, “splendour“, “shine“ and “beauty“, or the brilliance of the beautiful. Just as in Greek mythology, beauty and health are inseparable, we chose the name AGLAIA for our plant-based Natural Paints.


This reflects our intention that healthy paints with a beautiful finish should be compatible with nature. Since 1894 our company has been acquiring a lot of experience with pure natural mineral paints based on lime and water glass. In 1968 we began investing this experience in the development of plant-based paints.

All kinds of different motives determine our actions:

  • We use renewable raw materials during the whole production cycle to protect the environment. We support careful raw material extraction, and our production runs follow “gentle chemistry“ standards and are part of a sustainable ecological cycle powered by the sun as illustrated in the “Cycle Plant reactor“ diagram below. By comparison, the petro, synthesis and modern chemistry of synthetic resins not only produce the synthetic resin as the end product but also cause enormous environmental problems and greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate.
  • Our motivation is to produce natural products which do not harm the health of their users and do not damage or waste nature’s valuableresources.
  • We have nothing to hide! The AGLAIA full disclosure declaration provides continuous information about all the constituents in a product, through to minuscule parts of recipes. Everyone including allergy sufferers can see the full composition of the paint.
  • In the age of prefabricated industrial materials, we sometimes lose the ability to appreciate naturals building materials and surfaces. Most of us would be rather be surrounded by natural wood, radiating warmth rather than synthetic surface and floors and anyone wanting to preser- ve the natural character, smell and feel of wood can do no better than to reach for Aglaia’s oils and waxes.
  • It is our opinion that natural coatings are the most suitable for sensitive living areas, for schools and kindergartens. AGLAIA Casein Coatings and plant-based wall glazes are wonderfully creative and stimulating. They produce a positive room climate. Anyone who uses paints conscientiously and lovingly restores an old half-timbered house or is entrusted with the remediation of a PCP-contaminated kindergarten will often opt for high-quality AGLAIA natural products.
  • Natural building materials such as lime, clay or loam, wood and stone have being used traditionally throughout Europe. Traditional methods or repair and construction of decorative surfaces have survived and these often use linseed oil, casein, lime and earth pigments. These finishes are still produced by AGLAIA and are a sustainable, durable and healthy alternative to modern finishes.
  • Independent institutes repeatedly confirm the excellent ecological and technical properties of AGLAIA natural colours. But the most convincing is the success in practice. For more than 50 years, AGLAIA has proven its worth on millions of square metres and a wide variety of substrates.

If you have any questions we will be pleased to help you.

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