Aquasol Stone Oil

Easy-to-use, natural-based coating and strengthening agent for absorbent, porous mineral substrates such as cement and anhydrite screeds, concrete, unglazed ceramic and cotto tiles.

Solvent-free, recommended for building biology and indoor climate. Impact-resistant and easy to maintain with a discreetly silky matt, natural surface. Suitable for floors in residential and commercial areas such as corridors, offices, hobby and work rooms, restaurants, studios and foyers, not for wet rooms or garages.



- Application indoors
- Saturates and protects absorbent, porous substrates
- Consolidating, tread- and abrasion-resistant, dust-binding
- Natural, discreet surface character
- Easy to maintain, especially with colourless treatment
- Mild odour, low VOC and solvent-free

Application rate:

Application rate:

The consumption is approx. 0.08 - 0.11 L AGLAIA Aquasol Stone Oil per m² and application. Determine object-specific consumption values by means of a sample surface.



0,75 L / 2,5 L / 10 L

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